My objective in creating and updating this blog is to chronicle my journey of building a treadmill desk, walking while working at my computer and the resulting weight loss.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

75 mile mark

Hit the 75 mile mark today and have walked the equivalent calories of 3.75 lbs. Clothes are looser and feel less bloated. I'm a good tired at the end of the day. My work is better and I feel more energized while I'm doing it. The technical writing part of my job is really flowing. I'm able to concentrate where before when I was sitting I found myself distracted by everything. I think its the movement. Slow and steady, rhythmic, the low hum of the treadmill not sure which or if its all of them. I guess now if I doze or lose concentreation I'll fall off the treadmill. :) All I know it's working and I don't think I'll ever, if I have the option, sit at work again.

My progress chart

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