My objective in creating and updating this blog is to chronicle my journey of building a treadmill desk, walking while working at my computer and the resulting weight loss.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finding the treadmill

So step one find a treadmill.

First research treadmills to find one I can put serious miles on. Recommend anyone looking for either a treadmill or elipitical to check out Treadmill Doctor

So my options are in order of preference :

1) borrow my sisters. the issue on this idea is that she lives 3.5 hours away and I don't have a vehicle big enough to get it to my house. SO my option is to rent a uhaul and drive it back

2) buy a new one from Costco. This is the expensive option but worth it to know I have one that i don't have to work about... ouch $700 for a really good one

3) search . I still have the transport issue and its used but I can find a $200-$300 option

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